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How to control Eval-ADF 7626 FMCZ + Eval-SDP-CH 1 Z with Labview

Dear Sir or Madam

Currently I am using Eval - AD7626 FMCZ  and  Eval - SDP - CH1Z.

Eval - AD 7626 EDZ + Eval - CED 1 Z has software produced by Labviwe.

Is there software that controls EVAL-AD7626 FMCZ with Labview?


Thank you,


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  • Hello Alan,

    i'm using the eval-AD7768FMCZ board in combination with the SDP-H1 Board to get some data from the ADC to the pc. Now i want to create my own application in LAbview. I saw that the "AD7768 Evaluation Software" was written in LABVIEW and i thogt that you can help me to get startet. Can you provide me some example vis for starting stream and read data?

    Maybe it is possible to get the LABVIEW project files of the "AD7768 Evaluatio Software".

    Thank you!



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