Recommendations from datasheets for AD7665 and AD8031 contradict each other


The datasheet for ADC AD7665 (p.13, figure5) suggests that the OpAmp AD8031 is used as a buffer of the Reference voltage connected to the INA input of the ADC. It also suggests connecting two capacitors 10uF and 100nF in parallel to the output of the AD8031.

Meanwhile, the datasheet for AD8031 (P.15 "Driving capacitive loads") says that capacitive loads may cause unwanted ringing and oscillation. It also suggests precaution measures to prevent it. But, it was about pF values, not even close to nF or uF

Please clear up what approach is the right one. I want to use a circuit with a buffer as the datasheet for ADC suggests. But I want to be sure that that buffer will be stable.

Thank you in advance,


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