Do i need an Isolation ADUM to separate AD7616 serial interface from the MCU ?

Also, do i need to isolate the power for the AD7616 ?

  • Hi Nirb81,

          The AD7616 does not require an isolator on the MCU and the power supply. As shown in the evaluation board, the AD7616 can be connected directly to the digital interface. You can refer to the link of the evaluation board page .

       You may use the isolator depending on your application that are high voltage or are noisy environment. By the way what type of application you are planning to use the AD7616?



  • Hi,

    A minor correction: I think i will choose the AD7606 because 8 CH will suffice.

    I need to develop DAS with 5 analog input channels for measuring 4mA-20mA signals from Transducers.

    The system will be installed in a facility that produced electricity.

    I can't tell if the environment is noisy, it will be in the communication control room where the RTU is installed.



  • Hi Nir,

          The AD7606 and AD7616 may not require to isolate the power but make sure to follow on the recommended grounding in the datasheet. But in cases that the application will be expose to high voltages it is recommended to have an isolator to protect the circuitry.



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