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How to run AD7606-4 with minimal pins?

I want to run the AD7606-4 with as less pins as possible.

  • Which pins are really necessary?
  • Which pins do I not need?

I will use 2 inputs for 2 sensors. I just want to convert the analog signal into a digital.

  • Hi eva_11,

        Basically the AD7606 needs power so the Supply pins and the grounds are needed. Any converters needs the reference, need the ref select to choose which reference source to choose. Make sure also the regcap and ref cap have the necessary capacitor as recommended in the datasheet. To communicate with the AD7606, the digital signals like CS, CONVST, RD/SCLK, DOUT, BUSY and RESET. You may want to monitor the FIRSTDATA to know that the data output on conversion result is the first channel.  the OS pins can be connected to ground when not using digital filtering. The RANGE need to have value to based from your input range. AS you mentioned you will be using two inputs, unused analog input pins should be connected to ground.



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