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AD7124 and ADUCM363 Transicion Time


I would like to use Ad7124 or ADUCM363 for ADC.

So, I have a question.

AD7124 or ADUCM363 has a built-in MUX, but how much is the Transicion time for that channel?
I looked at the data sheet, but I was not able to find a particular value, so I was able to ask a question.

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    We do not evaluate the mux on its own. When using multiple channels each time a channel is selected, the filter needs to settle as the analog input has changed. The settling time between channels is checked to ensure that an ADC outputs a valid (settled) conversion once tsettle has elapsed. The mux on/off time is part of this overall time. The AD7124 datasheet contains a filtering section which gives the complete equations for settling time. The settling time is the time required for the very first conversion. If multiple channels are enabled, the first conversion in the sequence requires a settling time as listed above. The other conversions in the sequence require a slightly shorter time than the settling time. The AD7124 datasheet contains all this information.



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