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AD7606-4 malfunction

I'm currently using a AD7606-4 to measure with two of it's channels the outputs from two OpAmps in the +-5V range and forward the result in the serial interface to a fiber optics receiver. However, I am having issues and I don't receive any signals from the Data outputs.

I have observed the malfuncion of the REGCAP B pin, in which I don't see any ouput while I do see it in REGCAP A (I'm using an external reference), and I don't see the correct output in REFCAPA and REFCAPB (I see 0V). I have also observed that the IC gets unusually hot, and in my board I have been having an unusually high power consumtions that causes the 5V input to be reduced to ~4.6V, which supplies the whole system.

Can anybody give me a clue? I'm happy to help with any missing info.

Thanks in advance