Multi-channel ADC for auto telemetry

Hello, I'm looking for a multi-channel (>=16) ADC with 0..16V inputs. The project is telemetry system for an old car with analog sensors. It seems that AD7616 (EVAL-AD7616) might fit but there is a little misunderstanding about it.

Manual says:

"The analog input range to the AD7616/AD7616-P is independently selectable with an absolute maximum input voltage range of ±16.5 V, which must not be exceeded. An input signal in the range of ±2.5 V, ±5 V, or ±10 V must be connected to the evaluation board via any of the analog input connecters."

So, is it OK for inputs to be ±16.5V? Maybe someone can recommend another solution?

  • Hi,

       The AD7616 can perform analog to digital conversion in 3 input voltage range +/-10V , +/-5V and +/-2.5V. The AD7616 can handle input overvoltage up to +/-16.5V.

       In your application are using a single ended or differential? If you are using a true differential input ADC, The AD7609 can handle +/-20V difference between two channels and AD7366/67 can handle up to +/-12V bipolar analog input.

       A possible that can be done is to scale the input voltage to fit into ADC range using an amplifier.



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