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AD7763 Eval Board Noise

When I power up the eval board with an analog front end I've designed, after about 10 seconds the Std.Dev figure jumps from around 1000 counts up to 5000 counts.

Is there something about the AD7763 eval board and the CED1Z that could be causing this?

What kind of questions can I answer that would help me figure this out?

Without a front end attached and the ADC inputs terminated on the eval board that Std. Dev figure is down around 85 counts.  I realize that my front end will add Std. Dev counts.  What is frustrating is the jump after 10 seconds.  I would love to get rid of that.


  • Hi,

        What are the settings of the AD7763, filter, decimation rate and others? Can you send snapshot of the image you are describing. You can also check if the front end and the AD7763 eval board have a common ground reference including the signal source to the input of your front end. Make sure also the power source of the front end is stable. By the way, what type of circuit is your front end?



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