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Simple C example for AD7091R

I need to do some prototyping with an AD7091R-4 ADC to verify some HW design choices.  I've been searching with minimal luck for an actual example in C of setting up and using the AD7091R over SPI.

I thought I had found one via links on the site, but looking closer at the code while it does kind of show interfacing using SPI it doesn't appear to match what the spec sheet for the AD7091R says.

I'm referring to ad7091r.c that is in teh and (other related examples).

Specifically the example I found doesn't appear to drive the CONVST# pin and also doesn't appear to be sending 16 bit values for things like configuring the chip.

I was planning on doing an initial test using an Arduino just to make sure I understand how to use the IC, then I need to move over to a USB to SPI bridge IC that is going to be used on the custom HW design.  I've already developed working code for the the USB to SPI bridge and talking to other SPI devices using that.

I can roll my own following the datasheet, but it would be nicer to have a starting framework that is known to work.

So, can anyone point me to a good simple example bit of code for the AD7091R that actually looks like it was written for the chip?

Note: I'm using the AD7091R-4 eval board that was supplied to me, but it doesn't include the interface board so I'm having to use the test points to access SPI and other control lines.