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LTC1856 configuring and reading back differential channels

I'm testing the LTC1856 differential channels, Chan 6 & 7. I'm confused how to configure them and read them back.

Both channels work in single ended mode reading back 32767 0x7FFF with +10V input.

When I configure the channels as differential and input +10V on chan 6 and -10V on chan 7 I read back 32767 from both channels. I also get the same result when injecting +5V on chan 6 and -5V on chan 7?

I've configured both channels with the input word 00110000 which should configure the multiplexer for differential channels + on 6 and - on 7.

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  • There are no LTC1856 drivers for the Raspberry Pi available from Analog Devices. I would suggest going to one of the Raspberry Pi forums and finding a generic SPI driver for an ADC that could be modified for use with the LTC1856. The LTC1856 is simple to use. There are not a bunch of registers to program so it should be fairly easy to modify an interface from another ADC.