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Hello, we are three students participating in a AD-WE design contest. We are using the ADuCM350 Evaluation Board and some sensors including CO sensor CN0357. We are not used to work with this kind of componentes so at the momento we do not know how to proceed.
The CO sensor board (EVAL-CN0357-PMDZ) has to be connected through SPI. We want to read some CO values but we do not understand how to make this connection.
We know that the pins in the ADuCM350 used for SPI are from P3.0 to P3.3.
In the datasheet of the sensor board we do not have any information about how to read values or set up the connection so we looked in the datasheet of the ADC in the sensor board, AD7790. It seems that there is a register called "Data register" that we should read to obtain this value, but we do not know how to access or which is the address. Is there any example or tutorial about connecting this two components? Can anyone help us?

Thank you in advance.