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Question about AD7680 and AD7940 Power Dissipation


I have two questions about AD7680 and AD7940 power dissipation. Please take care of this case.


What is the power dissipation in the standby condition?

(Standby: No input, VDD=3V, /CS=H, SCLK=dont care)



What is power dissipation in the following condition?

(Normal mode, /CS="L", SCLK=250kHz to 1MHz, Throughput=250sps, VDD=3V)


By making the frequency of the SCLK lower, the power dissipation becomes also lower.

I need to operate the chips as low power dissipation as possible but I would not like to use the power-down mode.


If you dont have data covering Q1 and Q2 conditions, similar ones would be helpful.




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