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Interface configuration of the ARM controller to read ADC values from the AD7768.

Dear All,

I have consulted many documents in this community to find out how to read ADC values from the AD7768 using the ARM controller.

I have concluded that the SPI communication I attempted could not obtain ADC values from the AD7768 as a result.

I am attempting to read the ADC value from the ARM controller using SAI as described in Mr. NiallM's article "Interfacing the AD7768 / AD7768-4 to a microcontroller".

Based on his document, he made the necessary settings for SAI operation, but he did not recognize serial data from the AD7768. (Interrupt does not occur.)

In my opinion, the parameter settings for SAI settings seem to be incorrect.

Although many other documents have been referred to, there is no detailed information on parameters for SAI.

Can you send me information about detailed settings?

Or if you share code regarding the communication between the ARM controller and the AD7768 performed in that document.