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Using Single ended analog input in AD7356


I'm planning to use AD7356 IC in my board design, but I need to provide single ended analog signal as the input for monitoring. As per the Data sheet and Application note related to the IC, it is suggested that I may have to include a single to differential converter as well as an OP-AMP buffer ( for Vocm input) for the single to differential interfacing. If planned so I need to add two single to differential converters and two more OP-AMP buffers - as I need to monitor two single ended analog signals. The problem is - I have space constraints in my board and incorporating these many components into it is not at all possible. Can anyone suggest any alternate method for using my single ended signal directly into that IC ( without any buffers or converters)? What if I connect my single ended input directly to the Vin+ of the IC (AD7356) and connect the Vin- pin to ground? Is there any problem if I do so? 

Kindly suggest any methods/  measures so that I can proceed with my design.

Thanks in advance,