LTC2497 Differential reference


I am using LTC2497. I wanted to clarify the following,

My Vs = 5v and I am planning to use a precision 2.5V as the Vref for differential ADC. I wanted to check if this is the correct value, the last sentence states, the Vref will set the full scale range for all input channel. My concern is that upon using the 2.5Vref, I can only read +/- 1.25V.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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  • Hi ghoover

    I managed to get the voltage reading for anything below 2.5v. Anything above 2.5v gives me "11" and the reading is out of range. Any possible thing i could have missed?

    1. We are driving a E-Load. Battery voltage 3.3V.

    2. Vss = REF+ = 5V from USB

    3. REF- = 5V from USB / 2

    4. Applied input voltage = 5v

    5. Output code by ADC: 1111111100000111000000


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