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ad7386 throughput rate per Channel


i didn't understand if each Channel throughput rate is up to 4Msps or every Pair , which means that the max is 2Msps?

if the answer is 2, do you have any recommendation for ADC,

my needs:

SPI interface

>=16 bit

>= 3Msps

Single Ended

Input Bandwidth > 3Mhz

  • Hi pelegk,

              The AD7386 has two ADCs (ADC A and ADC B) that simultaneously samples data. It has 4 channels, AinA0 and AinA1 input channels are for ADC A while AinB0 and AinB1 are for ADC B. Each ADC (ADC A and ADC B) has a throughput rate of 4MSPS which means when ADC A and ADC B is converting only one channel( either Ainx0 or Ainx1)will have a throughput rate of 4MSPS for each ADC. But when the sequencer feature is enabled, that means, the multiplexer is switching from channels AinA0 and AinA1 or AinB0 and AinB1 the throughout rate is reduced to 2MSPS to consider settling time when switching from one channel to the other.

         Based from your mentioned needs, I think AD7386 fits your application. Is it okay for you to share your application and more details like how many channel do you need in the application? By the way the AD7386 is easily interface to SPI. The output of the two ADC can be read on two channels, SDOA and SDOB. An option to read conversion result on SDOA only is also available but needs adjustment on the number of SCLK cycles.

          Let me know if you have other questions.




  • Hey,

    thank you for your answer!

    i need only 1 channel, single ended.

    i want to be sure that every channel can sampel 4Msps, when the other 3 channels are disconnected.

    By the way, can you recommend any other part numbers with the same Capabilities?

    Maybe with pin “convert start” ?

    best regards,


  • Hi Peleg,

          The AD7386 can sample at 4MSPS on each ADC selected channel. When switching to another channel, after the required settling time, it can still run at 4MSPS for each ADC selected channel.

          According to your description, please correct if I misunderstood it, you want to select one channel at a time. The selected channel should run at 4MSPS and you need 4 channels from this application. Is that right? With this info, you are looking for a multiplex ADC input with one ADC. The closest I can recommend is the AD7091R-4. This is a ultra low power 12-bit ADC with CONVST pin that runs at 1MSPS. But I would still recommend the AD7386 for you with its 4MSPS speed and performance and its small size should add value in your design. Please let me know if there are questions or detailed inquiries, hope I could of any help you in your design.