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LTC2497 Conversion


I am using LTC2497. I am trying to get the ADC conversion reading, could anyone explain how does the conversion of 2's compliment to decimal works on this ADC? I tried many times and it does not seem to be working.

Thank you.

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  • Hi ghoover

    I tried the code and it reflects the change of ADC Channel address correctly. Would you be able to test changing the channel on your end to prove that it is not the fault of the ADC?

    Based on my scope result above, we can only conclude that the input and data out from 1 channel is correct, we are not able to confirm the problem lies with my code because it is showing that I coded on the serial monitor.

  • The scope photo that you provided does not show the address to the ADC changing. Until there is a scope photo showing that you are changing the ADC channel but the ADC is not responding, I'm not sure why you would think the problem could be the ADC.