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AD 7172-4 sampling rate not updating

Hello ,

I am using AD 7172-4 EVAL board with arduino uno , i am able to read and write to other registers , but the sampling rate is not changing after configuring the filter register

Thank you.

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  • Hi,

    What you are seeing is actually normal or correct. By default the single cycle (SING_CYC bit) setting is enabled. This mode allows the output data rate to be equal to the settling time, this is useful if you want to output your data at the same time.  

    Sinc5+Sinc1 filter achieves single cycle setting automatically at output data rates of 2.6ksps and less. Thus you will noticed that the data rate below 2.6ksps or what you mentioned 1007sps doesn't affect by the SING_CYC bit. When multiple channels are enabled, the ADC also automatically in Single cycle setting. Because settling time is needed when the channel is changed.

    You can easily view or understand how the timing works using our Virtual Eval Tool. Please see link and play around with it.



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