Choosing adc LTC2335-16 or LTC2358-16 for "music product"

I'm i the process of choosing an adc for a music project, the adc role is to read analog "control voltages" or "cv" that range between -10 and +10 volts, the data is used to set pitch of oscillators and control other parameters. First i chose the LTC2358-16 because softspan, and the linduino examples would make it easy to work with, but have been looking at the ltc2335-16 instead, seems to require less pins if i use it in cmos mode but it dont seem to have any linduino files?

I would like to use as few pins as possible to on my teensy that i use as a dev board, but still read data fast enough to have no audible latency when for example changing the pitch of an oscillator

what should be the best choice in this case?
LTC2358-16 in lvds i/o mode?

LTC2358-16 in cmos i/o mode?

LTC2335-16 in lvds i/o mode?

LTC2335-16 in cmos i/o mode?