Multiple Channels with AD4110-1

Hi ADI Team,

Recently learnt about AD4110-1 and it seems to be a beautiful product with single chip solution for complicated AFE design.

I have one question thought, if we have to build a 18-channel Universal AFE then which analog switch is recommended to be used for channel switching keeping in mind HV, RTD, mV, TC and 4-20mA (transmitter / Receiver) application.

We are very excited to start with the eval board and test out the product. 

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 15, 2020 2:31 AM


    Apologies for the delay. The system would require a fault protected switches/muxes such as ADG5404F(4:1 mux) However, for 18 channels this will require around 15xADG5404 for example since there are 3 pins to switch in, V+, V- and RTD pins.

    I would like to ask more details about your system requirements so we could advise the most suitable solution. A block diagram would be a good starting point, with power supply voltage, input signal voltage range, output data rates and all channel scan time requirements. Are all channels need to be configurable to any input type or will some channels be dedicated to a particular type like thermocouple, RTD, voltage or current?

    May I know the expected volume of systems per year and the SOP date?



  • Hi JellenieR

    Thanks for your revert!

    We manufacture multi-function and multi-channel data-loggers and IoT Gateways.

    Our application ares includes

    1. Industrial process data-logging: where we need to scan every analog input every 100-200ms,  

    2. Meteorological data-logging: where we need to scan may be once every 30 min or 1 hour

    I am attaching a block diagram of same.

    All channels are programmable, which means customer can configure any channel from the list of above mentioned input types and MCU should operate the AFE accordingly.

    As of now we use Texas Instruments ADS1248, which is an excellent device, but the overall AFE circuit becomes too complicated. With AD4110-1 we see lot of AFE circuit is being taken care of.

    I understand that AD4110-1 can power the loop transmitters and the I am looking help to identify proper analog switches to that can support 0-20mA sourcing. With ADS1248 design, we are using DG408 which is 8 ch MUX.

    If we see a viability then we will consider and upgrade to existing design.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 22, 2020 2:20 AM in reply to Mayank Gupta


    Apologies for the delay. Thanks for putting on some details regarding your application. I have contacted the product owner regarding this concern. We will discuss all the details above and get back to you as soon as possible. I believe this question will be supported by our local field applications engineer (FAE) directly and he can assist you for any further questions you may have.