Is the AD7124 the correct part for general acquisition


I'm looking for a good general sigma delta ADC.  This is for an internal project so what I would like to get out of this is learning how to design and use (firmware and any necessary dsp) to get a high resolution (18bit+) low frequency (1-10kSPS) sampled data.  I will be sampling voltage dividers for power supplies.  I have 5V, 3.3V and could generate another rail or high precision reference if necessary.

I've found the AD7124, but not sure if this is the best since you guys have so many high precision ADCs.  I'd like the digital interface to be SPI, UART or could even be a 1 bit streaming sigma delta (I'm not sure if these are very useful), but I would like to stay away from I2C.

Any help is appreciated!

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