ADAS1000 - Communication

Hi everyone

I am using a microcontroller STM32L4 to communicate with ADAS1000 development kit

The host SPI is set to:

10 MHz

Clock high when idle, sampled on the rising, 8 bit data size, msb first.

LK12, LK13 and LK14 are ON

I have the next problem.

I run a configuration routine to follow the example of the test sine wave in the datasheet but when I read the registers they seem to be out of phase

Write register Write value Read register Read result
CMREFCTL 0x0000000F CMREFCTL 0x00000000
TESTTONE 0x00E0000F TESTTONE 0x0000000F
FILTCTL 0x00000008 FILTCTL 0x00E0000F
FRAMECTL 0x00000010 FRAMECTL 0x00000008
ECGCTL 0x00E000BE ECGCTL 0x00000010
dummy 0x00E000BE

The code is based on the example code provided by AD using polling to read the SPI frames

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