AD7682 CNV Clarification

Hi there,

I'm using the four-channel AD7682 in the following mode:

Internal reference and temperature sensor enabled. REF = 4.096 V buffered output.

Unipolar, INx referenced to GND

I'm having trouble interpreting the SPI example waveforms of Fig. 43, for instance. It appears to show the user driving CNV low, and then starting to clock out data. However, the figure does not show a complete word of DIN/SDO. It appears to be spanning the conversion (RSC mode) perhaps? The data sheet has no clear diagrams to this level of detail. 

Could you describe the ideal way to:

1) Start the conversion

2) Wait for appropriate time, then 

3) Shift the data

4) while meeting the tDATA , tCONV, and tCYC timing constraints

I have an FPGA driving this interface so I'm free to make this as ideal as possible. Could you please describe the correct sequence to sample four channels? 

Thank you,