Problem ADAs3023 signal BUsY and sDO

Hi, I have a problem with ADA3023 since I cannot read the conversion with a dPIC, first of all the first thing I have done is the following check:
there is a voltage of 5V and + -15V. In the ACAP PIN, RCAP and REFIN there are 2.5V and in REF1.2 = 4.096V, I have left the default CFFF register FFFF and use the datasheet initialization sequence for the power supply.

After these checks I have done the ADC readings by the sPI and they fluctuated. After analyzing with the oscilloscope I have noticed that the BUsY PIN does not change, it is always at zero it does not warn that the conversion is finished. I have changed the ADA3023 for two times for a new one, assuming this was a problem but the PIN BUsY remains the same.

I don't know what else I can do!


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