AD4003 Conversion result


Please let me know your advice about the output timing  of AD4003 conversion result.

Below is the timing chart of turbo mode at the datasheet P.29 figure 55.

I thought that the result from below conversion means below D17:D0 at the timing chart . 

But the datasheet P.29 says below

"The previous conversion data is available to read after the CNV rising edge"

Does above description mean that we can read  the result from  conversion  at not below D17:D0 but next D17:D0 ?



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    on Dec 4, 2019 6:37 PM

    Hi Terumasa,

    That is correct, when turbo mode is enabled, each D[17:0] output code corresponds to the result from the previous conversion. So there is a latency of one conversion period between a CNV rising edge and the ADC result being clocked out on SDO (when using turbo mode). This is the trade-off for being able to use a slower serial clock to clock out the ADC data, and is required to run the AD4003 at full throughput (2 MSPS).

    When turbo mode is disabled, then there is no such latency, and D[17:0] corresponds to the result generated from the immediately preceding CNV rising edge.