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pH and conductivity on a EVAL-AD5940ELCZ (AD5940 chip)

Dear Support,

I'm using with success the CN0428 Water Quality Measurement System with your evaluation software: it's great!

Now, for the project I'm developing I will prefer the AD5940 component to be used with a companion MCU. I've downloaded from your ftp server the examples pack related to the EVAL-AD5940ELCZ, they are very easy to understand and to implement, but I have not been able to find any example regarding the measurement of pH and conductivity, although the BNC suitable for this is present on the board.

Now, since the porting of your examples from ADuCM355 (CN0428) to the EVAL-AD5940ELCZ is not so fast, I wonder if you can provide me with the example code to carry out these measurements on the EVAL-AD5940ELCZ board in an easy and fast way to validate the product.


Stefano T

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