AD9675 migration from AD9671

          We are working to redesign an ultra sound scanner. It is found that the existing system uses the AFE AD9671 which we intend to replace it with AD9675. Here are my queries.
1. Can the AFE AD9671 replaced by AD9675 without any hardware or software changes? I mean, in the existing design if I replace the AD9671 with AD9675 will it work?
2.If it can't be replaced, can we achieve the same functions and performance of AD9671 replacing by  AD9675 with hardware/software changes? What are all the hardware and software changes needed to achieve this?
Raviselvan C R
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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 25, 2019 2:40 PM

    Hi Raviselvan,

    Yes you can replace the AD9671 with the AD9675 without any hardware or software changes. They both have the same pin out and share the same analog die. The only difference is the digital demodulator/decimator block after the ADC inside the AD9671. If you haven't used this block in AD9671 then you don't need to change anything.



  • Hi Ashraf,

                   thanks for the quick reply. Thing is, the existing system was designed by some other team. So we are not sure whether the system is using the digital demodulator/decimator block of AD9671. In case, in the existing design if the digital demodulator/decimator is used, how will it impact when the AD9671 is replaced by AD9675?

    What we understood is that in the existing design if the digital demodulator/decimator is not used we can directly replace the AD9671 by AD9675. If those block are used, we need to alter the software such that the demodulator/decimator blocks are not used. Is not it?

    Raviselvan C R