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Need one confirmation for AD7949, is the exposed pad MUST be soldered? Customer would like to skip this soldering during prototype, is it ok?


Refer to page 9

21 (EPAD) Exposed Pad (EPAD) NC The exposed pad is not connected internally. For increased reliability of the solder joints, it is recommended that the pad be soldered to the system ground plane




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  • @skowalik Thanks for the support. 

    Good news. Customer will select ADI solution, i.e.

    1) AD7949

    2) AD8221

    3) DAC5621

    Customer have some question on PCB setup. 

    1) I am using 4 layer PCB. Inner layer 1 will be a ground plane. 

        In this case, should I split the ground plane into digital and analog ground plane?

        If I split the ground, how and where should I join both digital and analog ground?

        It always says join both ground plane at one point only, meaning I shouldn't join them in multiple points?

    2) For the grounding of decoupling capacitor, should it be connected to digital ground or analog ground?

     Do you able to support these? 

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