Dear support team,

We have bought two AD2S44-TM12B chips in order to measure the angle of our device. we connected two sychros reference terminals of the chip with 36 VAC, 400Hz and the signal terminals with three phase about 56 VAC. The chip got a little bit warm and give us errors. We checked the datasheet and recognized that the standard synchros reference terminal of the chip is 115 VAC 400Hz and the signal terminal around 90 V rmc. We don't know how to solve this problem. If you can, please let's know.
Thanks for your help
  • according to DataSheet "A feature of these converters is that the signal and reference inputs
    can be resistively scaled to accommodate nonstandard input signal
    and reference voltages that are outside the nominal ±10% limits of
    the converter" therefore, do we need a transformer to gain our 36VAC to 115 VAC for the chip?

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    on Nov 13, 2019 1:46 PM in reply to Anh_Ho


    I've reached out to a colleague who has more familiarity with this product than I do to assist you with your specific question.   I hope he will be able to answer your question directly.

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    on Nov 13, 2019 3:47 PM in reply to @skowalik

    Hello Anh_Ho.

    Is it possible to use a standard syncro for your application that is rated for the 90V signal and 115V reference?

    The Reference voltage will need to be within 10% of the rated value. Correct, for the AD2S44-TM12 Synchro converter, the reference voltage to the converter will need to be 115V +/-10%. Since your reference signal is only 36V you will need to step that up to 115VAC. 

    Additionally your 3 Wire Synchro Signal of 56V should be OK once you get the reference straightened out. You will just have to take that signal difference into account when looking at the digital outputs. I'm not sure if the Built in Test (BIT) pin will be provide any functinality since the input signal is so low compared to the expected. 

    You will also need to put the recommended parallel combination of  decoupling capacitors on both supplies. Typically we recommend a 100nF in parallel with a 6.8uF Tantalum on each supply as close to the AD2S44 as possible. 

    This converter has a resistive front end to the converter that will allow for scaling the synchro signals and reference signals but this is only valid if the signal provided is greater than the rated voltages. In your case this will not work. 

  • Thanks for your great helps. we are going to try your way.