PulSAR ADC PMODs Gerber zip file lost drill files


While I am trying to use as a reference of the pulSAR ADC PMODs from https://wiki.analog.com/resources/eval/user-guides/circuits-from-the-lab/pulsar-adc-pmods

The latest is RevA. After I extract the Gerber folder, I cannot find the drill.art and xxxx.drl docs, thus it cannot be used. Would you please send the file to me or share it from the web?

Look forward to your quick response.

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    My apologies for the delay in responding, this case slipped my mind.   I understand your frustration as I agree there should be a centralized repository for these, unfortunately that isn't always the case.   I've asked for the files directly as well as for the WIKI to be updated so hopefully I can get you what you need ASAP.