Designing a temperature controller board using AD7793 and TM4C1294

For the temperature controller board(TM4C1294) using AD7793,  we have done the below mentioned connections:

SCK of AD7793 connected to PA2 of board.

DIN of Ad7793 connected to PA4 of board.

DOUT OF ad7793 connected to PA5 of board.

We have connected 50K pull up resistor from SCK of Ad7793 to ground.

All ground pins have been grounded. 

For AD7793, the DVdd voltage has been given as 3.3V and the datasheet says that the AVdd can be from 2.7V to 5.5V. However, we are getting the output on oscilloscope only for AVDD=5V. My circuit didnot work when AVdd = 3.3V. Could you please explain the reason for this?


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