LTC2433 SDO Output Levels too low

I've configured the LTC2433 in External Serial Clock, CS = 0 Operation (2-Wire) mode.

When I actually probe the output I see the following behavior: (Yellow = SCK, Red = SDO):

Notably, the data bits are only rising to a level of approximately 350mV. SDO does rise to proper level once it has finished and does drop to 0V once a conversion is complete. Is there some configuration that can cause this?



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    on Oct 9, 2019 3:27 PM

    Hi Drew,

    Can you provide a schematic of your circuit, a photo of your setup and a photo showing a complete cycle so that I can see the timing of SDO rising and falling. Please provide the time scale for your oscilloscope if it is not visible on the display and it is easier to read if you separate the traces.