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AD7997/7998 ALERT/BUSY Pin

For the AD7997 / AD7998 If the ALERT/BUSY functionality is not being used can the ALERT/BUSY pin be left float or must it be tied high or low?  I see guidance here to tie the CONVST pin low if it will not be used but do not see anything specific to ALERT/BUSY.  Preference of course is leave it float.

thx - sean

  • Hi Sean,

    The ALERT/BUSY pin can be left floating if you do not plan to read its state. I would recommend leaving the ALERT and BUSY functionality disabled in this case (via D2 and D1 in the configuration register, see page 19). They are disabled by default anyway though.



  • Hi Tyler - yes that answers my question.  Based on this I can leave ALERT/BUSY floating and based on what I’d read elsewhere I must tie CONVST low if not used.  I currently have both floating and am seeing it return reads from channels that differ from what I’ve programmed it to read from which, I presume, is because CONVST is floating.  Once I’m back in front of my prototype I will tie CONVST low and confirm It is reading only from the channel I’ve programmed it to.  I am using it in Mode 2.

    thx - sean