Strange Data Glitch on AD4003 FMC on ZC706


We noticed a strange data glitch on the AD4003 running the evaluation FMC card - shown below. Captured conditions were CNV rate of 1.6 MSPS and SCK rate of 80 MHz using VIO = 2.5V.  We've changed the timing of our signals (CNV, SCK) and tried VIO = 3.3V.  

Below is a scope capture showing the values over multiple SPI transactions where we honor the Tquiet1 and Tquiet2 thresholds.  The above capture was from a Xilinx Debug ILA, which we showed was capturing the same data values as the scope when we compared them.

I've read through the datasheet a couple times and can't find another potential cause of something like this. Other ideas of what can be done?  Has anyone else seen this?

Thank you for your time.

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