ADC LTC2512-24 Driver Inquiry

In ADC LTC2512-24 datasheet, LT6202 is recommended to be used as ADC driver. But in "Precision ADC Driver Tool - BETA", there is no option to use LT6202 in driver selection (only LT6200 available). In this ADC driver tool,  ADA4807-2 seems to work as a driver with LTC2512-24 very well. My question is, which one I should choose the better for LTC2512-25 driver? LT6202 or ADA4807-2. We are in schematic capture stage. Looking forward to your reply soon.  Thanks.     

  • There are advantages to both op amps. You do not specify what you are interested in doing. The primary advantage of the LT6202 is low noise. The ADA4807-2 has lower offset and input bias current, more bandwidth and lower supply current. The LT6203 is a dual version of the LT6202 that is pin compatible with the ADA4807-2 in the MSOP package. You could always try both and see which performs better if you are unsure based on the specs which part is most suited for your application.