AD598 with 8 no's of LVDTs


I am planning to develop a system which will measure 8 channels of LVDT signals.

Initially I was planning to use 8 no's AD598 and sync them to eliminate the beat signal but the cost and availability of the IC led me thinking in an other direection.

I now plan to multiplex these 8-channels to a single AD598.

I am looking for guidance here with some reference material or some schematic concept with few recommended parts. If anyone can comment, it will be great.

I also am unable to understand how will the zero offset for each LVDT be handled.

I will poll each LVDT and I want to finish the process in 3 to 4 seconds. It also involves stepper motors to drive the LVDTs on some fixtures.

Please make me understand how I can acheive this.

Thanks and regards