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AD7193 Data Rate


My name is Florian and I'm working for a drone engineering company.

I just made a PCB by using the AD7193 ADC with a straints gauge to measure the thrust of a dron, and an ATmega328p to convert the SPI data from the ADC to I2C for an other peripheral.

The data rate I need is about 200Hz, and that's why I choose this ADC (others like HX711 can only up to 80Hz). 

As I'm using an ATmega 328, I'm able to make tests with the Arduino library for the AD7193, and it's working pretty well ! After found the transfert function to get the weight in good units, I tried to go faster, by just removing the delays in the library cpp. I also tried to add a set register line into the .cpp : SetRegisterValue(AD7193_REG_MODE, 0x080001, 4, 1);

My issue is that I'm not able to go faster than 10/11Hz... With the HX711 I can go to 80Hz so the ATmega328 is not the problem...

I saw on different forum that it is necessary to modify the register map and/or to specify in the library, the needed data rate with a line like the one I shown you here, but even after many tests, I'm not able to go faster...

So my question is : is there an other library or a way to modify this one, to get a 200Hz data rate ?

Many thanks for your reply Slight smile