Trying to determine if a AD7124-8 would be suitable for multi-channel invasive blood pressure/temperature capture?

I am working on a medical device design that ideally would use the ADAS-1010, but for reasons related to size and power, and trying to provide mostly the same measurement set using 2 ADAS-1000s. 

So I will need to add circuitry to buffer and sample 3 invasive blood pressure channels and two YSI thermister compatible temperature sensors. I would like to use one device if possible to buffer and amplify (even better if there was a solution to buffer/amplify and ADC the (5) inputs which have very low sampling rate requirements (~150hz).

My question is whether the AD7124-8 would fit the bill or is there another device that someone could recommend.  I found a similar invasive blood pressure acquisition schematic but haven't found many examples as most people think non-invasive blood pressure when they think BP, and I need invasive blood pressure (and temperature) interface circuit.

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!