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How to measure a single-ended +/-10V signal with the AD7768-1?


I have a DC-coupled +/-10V single-ended signal (max. 200kHz) from a high impedance source that I want to measure with the AD7768-1.

Now I wonder about two things:

(1) which will be the best OP-Amp solution to down-scale the single-ended +/-10V input signal to the ADCs (differential) input voltage range and maintain high input impedance (>1M Ohm)?

(2) Should I power the ADC's AVDD1/AVSS pins from a +5V power supply or do I achieve better performance when powering it from a split +/-2.5V power supply, as described in the AD7768-1 data sheet, page 41.

I am looking forward to your answers and suggestions.

Regards, Niels

added "" for input impedance
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