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High precision weigh scale solutions for Fine weight check on Conveyor belt in Factory.


Dear AEs,

I needs solutions measuring for fine weight check on Conveyor belt in Noodle Factory.(Ramen)

currently, she use AD7710 for 10Hz speed but it does not meet at 100Hz speed. so she use a HBM-AD104 module.

she has been evaluating various solutions as AD7793 and AD7915. But she did not meet 100Hz speed accuracy as much as HBM-AD104.

so we should suggest verified solutions to change HBM module.

we suggested CN0216 with external precision opamp. but she said that AD7793 did not meet HBM spec that has higher ENOB than AD7791.

Could you please let me know best solutions?

she will concern with discrete solutions for improving performance. external Voltage reference, High PSRR LDO, High Precision OPAMP or instrumentation amp.

Thanks a lot!