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Problem with gain in AD4111.

I have a problem with AD4111. After reset on VIN0-VIN1 I always read from DataRegister value with gain about 0,423, for example Vin=10V Vadc = 4,23V. The same situation is in unipolar and bipolar mode. My question is -  is it possible that this gain value is normal and I must calibrate it? This is a very large gain change to get a right value and in my opinion something is wrong. But what?

  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay. This was missed. The voltage divider on the analog front end has a division ratio of 10. Thus, the gain should be 0.1. However, when using a voltage input, the corresponding gain register must be modified by running an internal full scale calibration or by changing gain register with a nominal value of 0x55567C. May I know also how did you connected the inputs? If you could share also the schematic, that would be great.



  • Does the AD4111 come with a 0.1-gain amplifier? Then my +50V single-ended analog voltage input is not 5V after 0.1 gain, can I directly feed the ADC, no external op amp conditioning

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