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Problem with gain in AD4111.

I have a problem with AD4111. After reset on VIN0-VIN1 I always read from DataRegister value with gain about 0,423, for example Vin=10V Vadc = 4,23V. The same situation is in unipolar and bipolar mode. My question is -  is it possible that this gain value is normal and I must calibrate it? This is a very large gain change to get a right value and in my opinion something is wrong. But what?

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  • hello jaro73, how are you? I am testing the EVAL AD4111 board, connected to an ESP32, using the AD7173 library as a base, modifying the setup of the channels, which is one of the differences between both ICs, but still giving me an error when communicating with SPI, Could you help me? How did you communicate with the AD4111? Thank you