The question about AD7606 (ANALOGDIVICE)

I have a question about AD7606(ANALOGDIVICE)

The REF IN / REF OUT question of the AD7606 and the questions are as follows

1. The minimum CAPACITOR value using REF IN / REF OUT is 100 nF on the DATA SHEET (PAGE 24).

    What is the maximum, not the minimum? (Capacitor value 10uF applicable)

2. The usage voltage of REF IN / REF OUT is shown to be 2.5V. What is the current capacity?

Thank you.

  • Hello Chominki,

    What section in particular are you looking at in page 24? The recommended capacitor for REFIN/REFOUT pin is 10uF either using internal or external. The 100nF is suggested only on those cases where one reference feeds multiple AD7606's.

    Current capabilities are in the range of uA, but note pulling extra current from that node may affect performance.