AD7768 Reference Voltage

Hi. I design AD7768 + AD4940 8 channels.

I have input signal of 5Vpp, from -2.5V to +2.5V, Vcm=0.

After ADA4940-1 ( Vs=+5V, Vs-=0)  i have signal with Vocm=2.5V ( recieved from ADC Vcm pin and equal to AVSS1/2=2.5V)

Diffpair signal is from 1.25V min to 3.75V max with Vocm=2.5V.

I simulate this in LTSPICE

Help please, can i use reference of Vref=+2.5V (REF1+ = +2.5V, REF1- = 0) ?

For my signal Differential Input Voltage Range will be -2.5V to +2.5V  ( max +3.75V - 1.25V = +2.5V and  min 1.25V - 3.75V - = -2.5V).

I'am addraid that +3.75V on Ain+ or Ain- pin is more then Vref +2.5V and it will be not work.

But in datasheet

Absolute Analog Input  Voltage Limits2 from  AVSS =0  to   AVDD1  =5V.