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AD7980 to BASYS 3 FPGA connection

I am trying to connect EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ to BASYS 3 FPGA using SPI. 

I have a few questions on the connection and interfacing between them.

1.Will the EVAL-AD7980-PMDZ work with 3.3Volts(connected to Pin 6 VCC of Ad7980) from basys 3?(Not using the precision amplifiers).   It is mentioned that in order to enable precision amplifiers to provide zero and full scale inputs to the ADC, -2.5V and 7.5V power needs to be connected. I am confused if this power supply is necessary or if it will work with 3.3V from Basys 2.What is the role of precision amplifiers ? By what factor is the input signal amplified?

3.With the conversion time 1000ns and throughput rate 1MSPS , will the AD7980 sample a input signal with freq of <= 500KHz (going by Nyquist rule). 

Please help me understand them.

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