Adas1000 reading zeros

 Hii I am using Adas1000 for acquiring ecg signal.

 I am using stm32f030 microcontroller for configuring registers through spi communication.

I am configuring only for ecg frame for 3 electrode system(LA,RA,LL) neglecting respiration,pacemaker and so on registers.

I was able to configure individual registers like ECGCTL,CMREFCTL and FRMCTL.I also checked the value of these registers  which I have configured by reading these registers individually.

But when I was trying to get the whole frame after writing 0x40000000, I can get only zeros as values for lead1,lead2 and lead3 registers.

My registers configurations:

FRMCTL - 0x8A1FFE00.

ECGCTL - 0x81E000E2

CMREFCTL - 0x85E0010E

ECGCTL-0x81E000E6 // For conversion enable.

My ready bit is always busy.I have to disable it to get frame values. I am getting only zeros. Please help me !!!

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