2289A-B with LTC2368-24

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I've ordered the 2289A-B and DC590 boards to read out the LTC2368-24 ADC with PYTHON.

To read out the LTC2368, there are code snippets for the 16bit and 18bit version with the DC890 board.

My question: can I simply adapt the code snippets from LinearLabTools in the llt/common folder in terms of  duplicating the dc890.py" and creating a dc590.py file? I've seen functions for the dc590 already in the ltc_controller_comm.py-file

Also, I’m unsure about the clock, because it says an external clock is not needed if a QuikEval controller is used.

Could you help me out with some hints about setting a clock frequency for the DC2289-board? Also the data readout from the ADC, can I simply duplicate a file in the llt\demo_board_examples\ltc23xx\ltc2368-directory and rename the according board types (e.g. 780 to 590 and 1796 to 2289)?

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    on Nov 26, 2018 5:04 PM over 2 years ago

    At the moment, there is no code for the LTC2368-24 and DC590 with Python. You will need to use the DC890 controller. If you want to set the clock frequency you will need the DC890 controller anyway. The DC590 is useful only for sample rates in the 1-2ksps range and does not offer the user any precise control over the sample rate.