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CN0510: Handling Battery with Higher Voltages

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD5941
Software Version: N/A

Dear Analog Devices Engineers,

I am currently studying the possibility to convert the design described in CN0510 circuit note to handle batteries that have higher voltages, for EIS purposes (measure battery impedance). Typical example would be 12V battery, which I think not supported in the current evaluation board (EVAL-AD5941BATZ).  According to the circuit diagram from EVAL-AD5941BATZ, the excitation signal was generated through the pin CE0, which drives the Darlington transistor pair, connected to a battery. This topology directly draws the current from the battery under test, I am not sure how many V can it takes. I think that it probably cannot support a battery up to 12V. Is there any way we can develop a solution to measure batteries with 12V or even higher?

My guess is that we would need to design another type of switching circuit rather than using Darlington transistor pair.


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