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AD7134 Evaluation Board

I am using the AD7134 eval kit and have noticed the following register seems to have an incorrect config value when operational. Specifically the FRAME field in the DATA_PACKET_CONFIG register.

From what I can see this interface is running in 24bit + CRC (I am getting 32x DCLK's per ODR and my signal plot is showing +/- 8000000 range, FFT plot dynamic range 104dB with 1kHz Sine IP) , but looking at the register value FRAME is set to "01"b (16bit, no CRC) Also, the data sheet and EVAL GUI do not tie up where the GUI thinks frame is a 3 bit field. (Bits 6:4) NOTE Bit 6 is reserved in data sheet

I am guessing the GUI is correct and there is a typo in the datasheet? 

Another question is when I issue a SOFT_RESET on INTERFACE_CONFIGURATION_REGISTER_A to Device 1 I was expecting the register set to return to defaults, but this does not seem to occur. For example I have changed CHAN_DIG_FILTER to use a different filer, but these values remain unchanged after a SOFT_RESET.

  • Hi Alaney

    thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will be correcting the SW to write the value as 0x30.

    Bit6 reserve bit had the alternate function that you have observed, we will ask users to write zero to bit 6 in future.

    The table in DS is correct.

    SOFT_RESET function would reset the interfaces, could you explain me why you wish to reset the register bits?