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LTC2485: can it be used for shunt high side measurement?


I would like to use the LTC2485 for directly measuring a high side shunt voltage for measuring a highly dynamic current.

The shunt resistance will be 30 ohms and the voltage after the shunt will be regulated (to compensate for the shunt variable drop). 

So the VIN+ and VIN- signals will not correspond to a fully differential signal, because VIN- will be kept at a relative constant voltage whereas VIN+ can go up to 1.6V from VIN-. Therefore the middle voltage will be changing, possibly at a high frequency.

So my questions are:

  1. Is this ADC recommended for this kind of measurement? If not, what can you recommend?
  2. Is there any drawback in accuracy compared to a properly centered fully differential signal?
  3. The input signal will contain high frequency content, so I plan to use a double 10kOhms 1nF RC antialiasing filter before the inputs, is this OK?

Many thanks,


  • Hi Victor,

    The LTC2485 has a very slow conversion rate. To measure the current of a rapidly changing signal, a SAR converter such as the LTC2512-24 might be more appropriate. The LTC2512-24 has a wide common mode range, so it is not necessary to worry about the relation of VIN+ to VIN- as long as both inputs stay between ground - 0.3V and Vref + 0.3V. The recommended input filter is 10ohms and 6800pF. This allows the inputs time to settle after each sampling glitch. If not run at the maximum sampling rate of 2Msps, the filter can be increased.